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Welcome to DMV Data, a trusted source for real time access to Florida's motor vehicle records and driver license transcripts. We specialize and focus on providing access to the State of Florida's DMV database in real-time. Qualified business entities have access to vehicle, vessel and mobile home information (MVRs).
Driver license transcripts are available in 3 year, 7 year or complete history formats and are available to qualified businesses and individuals. Our website offers quick and easy access to this information directly from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle database via our proprietary software.

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Any business that meets the exemptions requirements under Federal and State Drivers Privacy Protection Act laws (DPPA) can qualify to access our system by signing up for a commercial account. Businesses that require access for business use are permitted to access these records. Contact us if you have any questions or read more on the Driver Privacy Protection Act here.

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This option is for non commercial account holders, such an individual or a company requesting one report at a time without registering.

Any individual who requires their driving record, any family member with permission from the owner of the record, or any business with permission from the owner of the driving record and for business purposes can request a Florida Driving record online within minutes through our Florida Driving Record request page. Some information, such as name and addresses, will not show on these reports due to Privacy laws known as the Driver Privacy Protection Act here..

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