Commercial Account Registration

Motor Vehicle Records contain owner and registrant information which is protected by the Driver Privacy Protection Act, also referred to as DPPA. In order to access this system, businesses must be qualified under the guidelines of the DPPA law and its permissible uses and exemptions.

A quick phone call with us takes less than 10 minutes. We can confirm your business needs and requirements to ensure compliance with all privacy laws. This will also speed up your approval process.

Once approved, your business and employees will have access to search the State of Florida DMV database for information on Vehicles (car, motorcycle, etc.), Mobile Homes and Vessels (boats, jet skis and other watercraft).

Online registration of your business will require the following information:

Company Information:
  • Company Name or DBA
  • Business FEIN# (or owner SSN#)
  • Professional / Dealer# (where applicable)
  • Location and Mailing Address
  • Owner Email Address
  • Phone / Fax Number
User Information:
  • User's Full Name
  • Driver License #
  • Driver License Photo
  • Location and Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone / Fax Number

Once you have completed the online forms and registration, please check your email to finalize the registration process. We will send you the short checklist below with more detail and explanation.

Online registration process to activate a commercial account
  • The online digital contract must be signed by an owner of business. (as listed on
  • A completed User Registration Agreement form.
  • All required supporting documents as applicable - as listed in the contract.
  • Our digital process makes sending a few documents easy.
  • Please contact us with questions using this form! We will respond between an hour and next day.
How to Register

Open registration is disabled currently. We are always accepting new clients to serve. We can confirm your DPPA exemption before you begin registration.
Please use the contact form to message us to discuss opening a commercial account. We will respond quickly to all contact form requests.